To mark Holocaust Memorial Day (HMD) 2017, Working with Men incorporated an HMD activity into their Amberley Youth Project in London.

At a busy Friday night youth club session, a small group of young people aged between 13 and 17 years old, gathered to reflect on the Holocaust. Using the HMD 2017 How can life go on? film as a starting point, the lead youth worker encouraged young people to explore modern day issues of human rights, prejudice and discrimination. Conversation ranged from looking at the responsibilities of modern day governments, bystanders, the psychology of violence and obedience, and the ethics of debate versus physical resistance.

A youth worker at the Amberley Youth Project commended the impact of their HMD activity:

‘The film was a great starting point for conversations and it captured young people’s attention. It was important to be able to do something so poignant at the moment within the frantic space of a youth club session.’

Working with Men is an organisation which supports positive male activity engagement and involvement. The Amberley Youth Project supports young people through structured activities in informal settings, encouraging them to remain in education and continue into training and/or employment.