On 26 May 2011, General Ratko Mladić was captured and arrested. The 69-year-old had been living under an assumed name for 16 years and was found in northern Serbia. Following the arrest of Radovan Karadžić in 2008, Mladić became the most high profile war crimes suspect still at large from the Bosnian War. Serbia had been under pressure from the international community to find and arrest him.

In 1995, a five-day campaign in Srebrenica overseen by General Mladić led to around 8,000 Bosniak Muslim men and boys being killed by Serb forces. The women, children and the elderly were forced to leave Srebrenica, an area that had been declared safe by UN troops. The massacre was the largest act of mass murder in Europe since World War Two.
Ratko Mladić was extradited to the International Criminal Tribunal of the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY) where he is standing trial for 11 counts, including genocide, deportation and murder.
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Image: © Mikhail Evstafiev


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