Wednesday, 27 January, 2016
The following resources have been produced for you to explore the 2016 theme Don’t stand by with your audience, whether you are working with SEN pupils in a mainstream school or working in an SEN school. 
We have produced a sensory statement which you can use once to commemorate Holocaust Memorial Day, or as a basis for broader learning. The statement itself can be explored as an assembly, a lesson or as a series of lessons. 
There is an inclusive craftivist activity sheet for exploring ways to engage with the theme through craftivism and there are ‘easy to read’ life stories to supplement the other resources and for further information.
We have put together eight life stories of people affected by the Holocaust and genocide which are relevant to the theme of HMD 2016 Don't stand by. Click here to view the 'easy to read' versions of the life stories which might be useful for your students. 


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