Thursday, 22 January, 2015
Our Memory Makers artists have unveiled the amazing pieces of art they have produced after meeting Holocaust and genocide survivors and hearing their life stories.
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Filmmaker and animator Gemma Green-Hope met Holocaust survivor Ivor Perl 


Writer, broadcaster and actor Stephen Fry met Holocaust survivor Anita Lasker-Wallfisch 


Filmmaker Debs Paterson met Holocaust survivor Janine Webber 



Collage artist Martin O'Neill met Holocaust survivor Bettine Le Beau

Ceramicist Clare Twomey met Nisad Jakupovic, Bosnian War survivor 

Poet Sarah Hesketh met Holocaust survivor Eve Kugler

Visual artist Will Head met genocide survivors


llustrator Kimberley Burrows met Holocaust survivor Sabina Miller 

lIlustrator Gideon Summerfield met with Holocaust survivors




'If you've been powerfully impacted by a story, do something with it, share it.' 

Filmmaker Debs Paterson




Memory Makers is designed to be shared. We've created an interactive Twitter visualisation to track who is keeping the memory alive, and how far our stories are spreading on social media. 




We are asking you to create and submit your own artistic responses to the life stories of survivors, in the same way that our Memory Makers artists are doing. Watch our artists explain why they got involved with the project and upload your response to our online gallery .