Friday, 25 November, 2016

HMDT’s new microsite is the home of this year's arts programme: Reflections on loss and living, which explores living with absence after the Holocaust and genocide, and the roots of life.

We are calling for people to take part in our nationwide arts programme and submit their own artistic responses to our Wall of Life. 

You could upload an artwork you create, or a photograph of something you see that reflects absence, cultural roots, the roots of a tree or life overcoming barriers. Just like the theme for this year, there are few known answers and we are looking for your personal responses.

The images, text and videos that you upload will continue to build the wall ahead of Holocaust Memorial Day 2017 and can be shared on your own social media. In February, we will create a video showcasing some of the artworks you send in.

Gillian Clarke, the former National Poet for Wales, has written a poem entitled Birdsong especially for HMD 2017. We are encouraging everyone to read or listen to the poem which can be used as inspiration for your own artistic response. You could take inspiration from a particular line or image from the poem, or from the themes as a whole.  

Click here to read Birdsong. 



Reflections on loss and living is open to everybody - whether you have a camera phone or an art studio, you can take part!

Click here to see the Wall of Life and to upload your artwork.