Monday, 10 November, 2014

Our UK Event Producer Rebecca has put together ten top tips for HMD activity organisers to help you make the most out of your HMD activities.

1.  Stay on message

First and foremost, be clear about the message you want to convey at your event or activity. What key message do you want your guests to leave with? This should be reflected throughout your event and guests should depart with a clear call to action. 

The theme for Holocaust Memorial Day 2015 Keep the Memory alive ensures the memories of those were who were murdered and those who survived are at the heart of Holocaust Memorial Day. 

Ensure that the life stories of people affected by the Holocaust and genocide are included in your event. Life stories provide a powerful and unique insight into the experience of those who have experienced persecution and genocide.

Memory Makers is our creative project for Holocaust Memorial Day 2015. Set to launch 70 days before HMD, the project will ask everyone to share the powerful stories of survivors through social media, and challenge artists to reflect and interpret the experience of survivors’ life stories.

2.  Money matters

How much will your event cost? Put together a budget outline, detailing all of the predicted costs, and identify how you can keep these to a minimum. You may be able to reduce or even remove these costs by speaking to your contacts about providing complimentary items or services.

You may also wish to work in partnership with similar organisations in your area.

All of the resources, advice and information provided by us is free.

3.   Be inspired

What is the best event that you have ever been to? Think about what worked well and how could you replicate this at your own event. Take a look at other hosts’ activities from previous years for further inspiration. There are some great ideas that have worked well in community groups and a variety of organisations.

4.  Find a helping hand

There's always the temptation to run an event or activity on your own, but don't be afraid to recruit some support from other people. Forming an organising committee allows you to share responsibilities, develop new ideas and will also ensure that you reach a wider audience.

We are always on hand and available to answer any questions that you may have.  

Get in touch - email the team or call 020 7785 7029.

5.  Know your audience

Getting the tone of your event right is essential and understanding who your guests are will enable you to do this. Do they have a good understanding of the Holocaust and the concept of genocide, or is some background information needed? Consider ordering our about HMD booklet which provides a simple introduction to the messages of HMD.

It is worth considering how your demographic affects the logistics - do you need more seating to accommodate those less able to stand or should you include child-friendly activities for younger guests?

We provide free education resources for different age groups and get involved guides for sector specific audiences.

6.  Open your little black book 

Your friends, family and colleagues are some of your most valuable assets – think about what they do, who they know and how this could impact your event. Perhaps they have a space that you could host your event in free of charge or perhaps they have particular skills that could be of benefit, such as knowledge of social media promotion or designing marketing leaflets.

You can promote your event on social media using #Memorymakers and #HMD2015.

7.  Spread the word

Your event needs guests! Think about how best to reach your target audience - through bulletins, emails, posters, invitations and social media - and create memorable materials that will appeal to potential attendees. Consider contacting your local newspaper to cover the event or community leaders who may attend and generate maximum publicity.

Explore our advice on how to use the power of local media.

8.  Stand out from the crowd

It’s fair to say that many people suffer from event fatigue – from birthday parties to charity fundraisers, there are many demands on our time. So think about how your event can grab the attention of your target audience. What will make it special? Be creative - whether it’s a unique venue or an interesting format or speaker, your Holocaust Memorial Day activity should be a powerful and memorable occasion.

9.  Put yourself in your guests’ shoes

What will guests see when they arrive and who will meet them? What will they be given (if anything) as they leave? Our free About HMD booklets are great to hand out at events. Ahead of your event, walk through your event from start to finish to ensure that every element is covered.

10.  Think ahead to 2016

We would love you to hold your event on an annual basis, and build on what you achieve this year. Don't forget to evaluate your event, keep notes about who you worked with, what worked well and what could be avoided in future in order to help with your plans for next year…

Explore the free resources we have on offer to help you mark Holocaust Memorial Day

Order your free Holocaust Memorial Day activity pack.

Get involved guides: we’ve produced sector specific guides for libraries, cinemas, trade unions, museums and galleries, faith and interfaith organisations, universities and emergency services wishing to mark Holocaust Memorial Day

Activity templates: explore how you can mark HMD in 10 – 30 minutes, one to two hours or half a day to a day.

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