We know that budgets are extremely tight for everyone at the moment, but cost concerns should not stop you from holding a HMD activity in your community.  When the economic climate is difficult it’s more important than ever to ensure we bring our neighbourhood together to celebrate shared goals for a safer future.  Many HMD activity organisers have delivered innovative and meaningful events on little or no budget.

If you are fortunate enough to have a small budget for HMD, do make sure that you use this wisely and transparently.  Transparency is vital, especially if public money or charitable funds are being spent.  If you have a web page for your activity, you could use this to outline your costs for the event following your evaluation, allowing you to demonstrate its value.
Remember that all of our resources are free of charge and these can be delivered to you anywhere within the UK.  Order your free Activity Pack and it will be delivered to you within 5-7 working days.  
While we at HMDT can’t provide funding for your activity, we do have some ideas about pooling resources and skills to keep the costs of your event low:
  • join with a school or faith group in your community.  Not only will this promote collaborative working and innovative ideas, but pooling resources and contributions can significantly reduce costs
  • work with your local drama or arts centres – many will already be equipped with PA systems and rehearsal area and may be happy to provide venues or equipment free of charge
  • make sure your local authority knows about your event.  They may be planning to hold an event too and have ideas for ways in which you can partner with them.  If they’re not yet involved, encourage them to be a part of your event and mark HMD in future.
  • encourage your local media outlets to work with you on your steering or planning group. This will assist you in publicising your event
  • carry out other marketing and publicity online.  Set up a facebook group, tell your networks through twitter and send emails to your invitees
  • speak to local businesses about sponsorship or assistance in running your event
The Big Lottery Fund’s Awards for All programme will consider applications for HMD events.

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