You can commemorate HMD in many different ways. Watching or showing a film, or reading a book written about the different atrocities can be effective ways to explore HMD. We have produced two special resources to help you explore the themes of HMD through these mediums:

We’ve produced book and film reviews with guidance and advice for using them in this way, but we know you will know your audience best, so do take some time to think about how you will use them. Please also take note of the certificate awarded to the film, as many of them should not be shown to young people.

Reading books and watching films can be a good way to increase your knowledge of a subject, but please do take into consideration that authors and filmmakers will often indulge in artistic interpretation.

You can read more on our website about the atrocities which took place, use our extensive bibliography or read our suggestions on how your book club can mark Holocaust Memorial Day