Naomh’s poem is the competition winner from the series inspired by the theme for HMD 2012 Speak Up, Speak Out

I was walking through the park one day,

Pottering about in my usual way,

When I saw two surly youths staring at me,

Two surly youths, with a boy, pinned to a tree.

The youth called out, ‘You got something to say?’

I bent my head low and went on my way.

But something stopped me, a sound, helpless and weak.

It got louder and turned into a shriek.

I stopped in my tracks, ‘Who would help me?

What hope would I have were I pinned to a tree?’

I could now hear their taunts and jeers,

With words so foul that they burned my ears.

I turned on my heels and strode back to the tree.

Where the two boys stood, staring at me.

‘It’s wrong and disgraceful, what you have done here.

It’s behaviour like this that spreads violence and fear.

Everyone’s different; no two are the same,

To judge someone ‘inferior’ is cause for shame.

This isn’t a game to share with a friend,

It’s up to everyone to make racism end.’

The youths sulked off and I noted with glee,

That the boy was smiling, smiling, from under the tree.

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