A testimony from a survivor of the genocide in Cambodia. In From Phnom Penh to Paradise, Var Hong Ashe talks about the atrocities she and her family faced as the Khmer Rouge took power. Starting from the evacuation from the cities to the countryside to her eventual survivor and finding refuge in England, Var’s story shows us how her faith and belief in other helped her survive.

Discussion Questions

Please note that some of these questions will act as spoilers for the book.

1. why did Var’s brother refuse to leave the city?

2. who helped Var during the genocide?

3. do you think that Var’s faith helped her survive?

4. what role did the Western world play in the survival of the family?

5. why is the date on which Var and Robert’s son was born so poignant?

You can download the book activity.

You can find out more about the genocide in Cambodia by visiting: http://www.hmd.org.uk/genocides/cambodia