Sunday, 16 February, 2014

What impact has HMD had on you?  

Do you know more or feel differently about the Holocaust and subsequent genocides since taking part in, or organising, an HMD activity?

We’re working with researchers at Sheffield Hallam University to carry out a longitudinal study of the impact of Holocaust Memorial Day across the UK. The study aims to find out more about the impact that HMD has on individuals and in communities that take part.  For instance, has the activity improved your knowledge of the Holocaust and other genocides?  Has it made you feel differently about the Holocaust and genocide, or changed your attitude towards people from different backgrounds? Or do you plan to take up a new activity as a result of taking part in Holocaust Memorial Day?  It could be as simple as sharing a life story on your facebook page, or as significant as volunteering for a local charity as a result of HMD.

We're inviting you to take part in this research by completing a short survey about your experiences of Holocaust Memorial Day activities.  Your views are really important to us, we want feedback from both organisers and attendees or participants of HMD activities:

‘Organisers’ include anyone who organised or helped to organise an activity, or volunteered with activities ‘on the day’ (or over a number of days) in any way.  Take the organiser survey.

By ‘taking part in an activity’ for HMD we mean attending a Holocaust Memorial Day event – for example an exhibition, a classroom activity, a workshop, or a film or through looking at HMD materials online. Take the participant survey.

Your help is greatly appreciated.  It will help us to build a fuller picture of the impact that HMD has around the country and tailor the service we offer to you.