What you can do

There are actions that we all can each take which taken together will create a society in which the development of hatred and exclusion can be prevented.

You can get inspired by the huge range of activities which take place across the UK each year to commemorate HMD, and start planning to organise your own.

You can challenge hatred by commemorating HMD and pledging to remember the victims of the Holocaust and later genocides.  Denial is one of the eight stages of genocide and by remembering the victims you challenge those who deny it has happened. Yad Vashem, the world centre for documentation, research, education and commemoration of the Holocaust, has compiled a central database of names of those who were murdered, so they will never be forgotten.

You can learn more about and work to campaign against genocide and other atrocities taking place across the world by taking a closer interest in world politics, and finding out more about campaigning organisations such as the Aegis Trust.

You can choose to complain to the media when you feel that they are using language which creates conflict between people from different races or religions or using language which demeans people because of their sexuality or disability.  If you feel that a law which has been introduced or is being debated victimises one group of people you can contact your elected representatives or peacefully campaign against it.

You can also choose to report hate crime where you see it taking place.  You can report hate crime – you do not have to be the victim of the crime to report that it has taken place.

Everyone can make the choice to Speak Up, Speak Out and challenge exclusion where we see it happening – for example we can choose to stop using language which dehumanises others and we can stop our friends and family from excluding others.  When organising HMD activities in your community you can ensure that you include as many people as possible to ensure that individuals work together to stop polarisation taking place.