In 2003, a civil war began in the region of Darfur, Sudan.  The Sudanese Government has supported Arab militia – the Janjaweed – who have destroyed hundreds of villages and murdered thousands of people. These atrocities have been condemned as genocide by the International Criminal Court and several governments around the world.  Up to 2.5 million people are still displaced in Darfur.  Arrest warrants issued by the International Criminal Court against Sudan’s President Omar al-Bashir for alleged war crimes during the conflict remain outstanding. A United Nations African Union (UNAMID) peacekeeping force remains in Darfur. 

Brian Steidle is a former marine who became a patrol leader for the Joint Military Mission in Sudan.  His job was to monitor the ceasefire – an agreement which had been made to end the 20 year civil war between the North and South of Sudan.  As he arrived in 2004, a new conflict had begun in Darfur which had already displaced more than a million people. Whilst he was there, he took many pictures realising that he could document what he saw and make people aware of it when he returned home to America.