The focus of our Holocaust Memorial Day 2015 arts programme is photography, and as part of this we at the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust commissioned a special project entitled Moving Portraits. This is a collection of five photographs of genocide survivors, with each individual featured holding an object that holds significance to them, which ties in to the HMD 2015 theme Keep the memory alive. Explore these Moving Portraits on our blog.

Survivor of the Genocide in Cambodia Sokphal Din holds a photo of his mother

You can use these images in your own events, whether you want to project them in the background or have them as a centrepiece to bring one or more of their stories to life.

To download the files, right click the link and click 'save image as' for the GIF files and 'save link as' for the video files. The highest quality way to display a Moving Portrait is to play the video file, putting it on repeat to ensure it loops, and setting the player to full screen.

GIF files (without caption)

GIF files (with caption)

GIF files (with caption and quote)

Video files 

We also have an activity resource you can use to in a group or classroom format to explore the life stories of the individuals featured in our Moving Portraits.