These are suggestions of practical ways to let as many people as possible know about your Holocaust Memorial Day activity.

  • List your activity so it appears on the HMD activity finder. Try to include as much information in your listing as you can – including start times and whether attendees need to pre-register.  Don’t worry if you make a mistake – just contact the HMDT team.
  • Send invitations directly to local organisations and community groups.
  • Most local newspapers will publish your activity either in their newspaper or on their website. Send a press release with details of the event, invite them to attend, and send images and information about the event for local news coverage. Don’t forget to tell your local radio station too.
  • Ask local organisations with Twitter profiles to share the event with their followers. If you use the hashtag #HMD2018 and tweet at us we can promote your activity to our followers and help us represent a truly national HMD 2018.
  • Use groups or events on Facebook to invite people to your activity. Leave it open so that your guests can invite others.
  • Contact faith groups, community groups and human rights groups (such as Amnesty) and ask them to let their members know about your activity.
  • Invite local leaders – MPs, councillors, your mayor, religious leaders and other dignitaries. We have template invitations for MPs and councillors. You could ask them to let their supporters know through their communications and their attendance will create useful photo opportunities to interest local media.
  • Create a poster to advertise your event in key locations like meeting points and community noticeboards. Remember, all our logos and images can also be used for free.

Other things to think about

If your HMD activity is open to all members of your community you might consider the following:

  • Think about how your guests will make their way to your venue. Do you need to let them know about public transport and/or parking arrangements?
  • Consider diversity within your community and make sure your materials are accessible to your audience. There are likely to be people locally who could translate a poster or sign your programme, which could be a great way of making a first contact within these groups.

Your next steps