The importance of planning

The success of your HMD activity will depend on the planning you do in the months and weeks before 27 January.  Preparation is key, and on these pages you’ll be able to find all the information you need to guide you through the process.  You’ll find specific advice on thinking about your audience, practical considerations and your budget.  You can also attend one of our workshops to develop your ideas for your HMD activity and network with other local organisers. 

Our tips for your planning

  • Order your free Activity Pack – it contains posters and advice on holding your activity.
  • Your vision – what impression do you want your HMD activity to leave with the people who attend?  Is the tone of your HMD hopeful, reflective or a combination of both?  Make sure you keep a record of your vision; it will help you stay focused if things get busy later on.  Your vision will help you form your activity objectives.
  • Set your activity objectives – this will help you have a clear message through your activity and will enable you to evaluate your activity.
  • How much will it cost? – you may have a limited budget or even none, as is the case for many HMD activity organisers.  You’ll find ideas for fundraising and stretching your funds in our budget section.
  • Timescales – when will you need to review your activity planning?  At HMDT, we review our planning on a monthly basis, with all those working on the project involved – it helps us stay focused and on track.  Are there key deadlines you need to meet?  These may be securing your speaker or issuing press releases.  Make sure everyone knows when to expect to hear from you or when they need to make decisions.
  • Venue – where will you hold your event?  You’ll find lots of suggestions in our practical guidance but think about places which can hold the audience you expect to attend and which will give your vision the maximum impact.
  • Audience – think about who your audience is and how you will let them know about HMD. You could use your contact lists of supporters or members, attendees from previous activities and/or announce your activity publicly.  Think about who your audience could be – are there groups in your community you want to engage with HMD who may not have participated before? Read our advice on audiences and publicising your activity.

We’re here to help

HMDT are here to assist you throughout the planning process for HMD, so if you can’t find the answer to a question you have, or you would simply like to get some advice please do contact the HMDT team.