Points to think about when working with the media

  • Identify relevant local media – newspapers, blogs, websites, radio stations. They should have a general email address where you can send a press release.
  • Think about what you want – publicity about the event before it happens to encourage people to attend, a journalist to be present at your event, or media to write about your event after it has happened. Make it clear what you’re offering and be open to journalist’s suggestions and how they want to cover it. It may not be appropriate for a media crew to be present through your activity.
  • If you have a survivor participating ensure you get their permission for the media to be present and discuss your activity in detail with them first

o   Send the press release in the body of an email so the journalist can read it straight away

o   Ensure all the key information about the event is in the first paragraph (when, where, and what it is, and why you’re organising it)

o   Include your contact details (or those of a spokesperson) and be prepared for them to call you to ask you questions. You’ll need to be able to respond quickly to any requests

o   Explain what photos/ photo opportunities you can offer. The media likes images of people doing something active. They will need to be high res and 300 dpi for use in print.

  • Another way to get more attention from the media is to have your local MP attend your activity. We have a template letter to MPs that you can download and adjust to invite your MP along.

At your event:

  • identify a spokesperson to speak to answer questions from the media.  This should be a comfortable communicator
  • even if there is a press photographer, have your own photographer in attendance to share images with other outlets later
  • you can also share your images on our website so others can take inspiration from your activity.

Local press around activities is a large part of how awareness is raised about HMD across the country. It is always really useful and exciting for us to read about your activities in the media – please let us know!

 Your next steps