Are you passionate about learning from the past to create a future free from hate? Aged 14-24 and looking for opportunities to develop skills and to meet and learn from other passionate young people and survivors?
The Youth Champion Programme empowers young people to take action for Holocaust Memorial Day (HMD) through organising their own events and raising awareness of HMD in their community and among other young people.
Youth Champions meet Holocaust survivor Ben Helfgott
'Life is about what we can do... whether we're doing something for our community or something bigger. We make the world the way it is' 
Kemal Pervanić, survivor of the Bosnian War

Why should you get involved? 

  • You will develop your knowledge of the Holocaust and other genocides 
  • You will develop leadership and communication skills that will enhance your UCAS application or CV
  • You will make a real contribution to your local community and inspire other young people to end hatred and discrimination today 
  • Meet survivors of the Holocaust and genocide
  • Have the opportunity to volunteer at our Holocaust Memorial Day UK Event 

What can I do?

You can highlight to others how important it is to remember the past in order end hatred and discrimination today in a number of different ways:

  • Organise an event in your local community, school or university
  • Set up a stall in your school or university
  • Make a film on the themes of HMD
  • Run a peer education workshop
  • Develop and put on a play/performance
  • Download our Youth Champion Get Involved poster

Get inspired

Read about how HMD Youth Champion and Sussex Uni student Charlotte Lee harnessed the power of social media at her Holocaust Memorial Day activity.



Interested in becoming a Youth Champion?  
Email our Outreach Officer Jess or call the office on 020 7785 7029. 
What is it like to be a Youth Champion?
Email our Lead Youth Champion Josh and he can tell you about his experiences.