And Tango Makes Three is a true story for primary students about two penguins called Roy and Silo.  They lived with lots of other penguins in a special enclosure in Central Park Zoo, New York.  Roy and Silo were both boys.  They played together, swam together and built a nest together.  When other penguin couples hatched eggs and raised chicks, Roy and Silo placed an egg-shaped rock in their nest and kept it warm.  One day the penguin keeper noticed what they were doing and placed a real egg in their nest.  Roy and Silo care for the egg and soon baby Tango completes their penguin family.   

Discussion Questions

Please note that some of these questions will act as spoilers for the book.

1.      what made Mr. Gramzay think that Roy and Silo were in love?

2.      what was missing from Roy and Silo’s nest?

3.      what did the two boys put in their nest and what did they try to do with it once it was there?

4.      How did Mr. Gramzay help Roy and Silo?

5.      how did the two penguins look after the egg and what was the result?

6.      how do all the visitors to the zoo know that Tango’s family is just the same as all the other animal families in the zoo?

Download the PDF version of this book activity.