Annexed is a work of fiction based on the real life story of Anne Frank ( whose diary is well known across the world.  This novel for secondary age students is the imagined story of one of those who hid with Anne, Peter van Pels.  Using Anne’s diary and the events contained within as its basis, the story imagines the way that Peter felt about his time in hiding and what happened to those he shared the annexe with.

It is important for teachers using this book to explain that this is an imagined account which, although based in fact should not be presented as what took place. 

Discussion Questions

Please note that some of these questions will act as spoilers for the book.

  1. why does Peter not want to go to the annexe?  What and who does Liesl represent in the book?
  1. why does Peter blush and find it hard to speak when Anne is present?
  1. do you think that Peter feels guilty during his time in the annexe?
  1. do you find the details of Peter’s time in the camps difficult to read about?
  1. do you think that you can read this book without having knowledge of Anne’s diary?

Download the PDF version of the Annexebook activity.

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