Miriam packs a small bag and goes on a journey to the countryside.  Will she remain safe when soldiers come looking for Jewish children?

Discussion Questions

1.      why is Miriam sent to live in the countryside?

2.      what important things does Miriam pack into her suitcase?  Why does she say she will not take a doll?  If you had to go on a long journey away from home what important

3.      things would you take with you and what would be the hardest thing to leave behind?

4.      how do we know that both Miriam and her Mum are very upset?  How does Miriam explain the feelings in her heart?  What is your heart like when you feel sad?

5.      why does Miriam have more chance of being safe with Nello and his parents in the countryside than by staying at home with her own family?

6.      what plans are made to hide Miriam when the soldiers come?  Why does she have to hide alone in the lily cupboard?

7.      how does Nello’s mum try to comfort Miriam when she cries?  What would you say to Miriam if you were trying to help her?

8.      how does Hendrik the rabbit get his name?  Why does Miriam want to find him before she hides in the cupboard?

9.      does Miriam comfort Hendrik or does he comfort her when they are hiding?

10.  look at the pictures of Miriam and Nello.  How old do you think they are?  How old would they be by the time it was safe for Miriam to stop living in hiding?

11.  people who hid Jewish children from the soldiers are sometimes called ‘rescuers.’  They put their own lives in danger to save other people’s children.  Why do you think they did this?  What clues are there in this story to tell us that Nello’s family had spent a long time planning how to keep Miriam safe?

Download the PDF version of the Lily Cupboard: A Story of the Holocaust book activity.