This resource includes an extract from the play Mala and Edek: A story of Auschwitz, written by Mark O’Connor.

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We’ve listed the characters below, but the resource is available in PDF download on this page.


Edek Galinski – Handsome, tall and well built. Age 24. Polish. Prisoner number 531. One of the first batch of prisoners to arrive at Auschwitz and knows the camp and ways to survive well. Has a strong spirit and trusts no one.

Mala Zimetbaum – Polish Jew who moved to Belgium. Age 22. Deported to Auschwitz in September ‘42. Known throughout Birkenau for her beauty and kindheartedness to other prisoners. Prisoner number 19880. Still manages to see the good in people.

Jan Kozel – Polish political prisoner (based on several real life prisoners). Age 28. Prisoner no 125727. Recently transferred to Auschwitz. In Block 11 for stealing shoes. Fears he will die at any time and has begun to give up hope.

Jakub – Kapo (based on several Kapos of Auschwitz). Polish criminal and ex-boxer. Has a fearsome reputation and has a wide range of brutal torture techniques. Prisoner Number 49. Age 32. Has single-handedly murdered hundreds of prisoners through beatings.