In 2013 we launched a specially commissioned song for HMD - A Bridge of Voice and held workshops to help organisers plan a performance. The initiative, empowered people to use the power of music and their voice to Build a Bridge between thier community and the rest of the UK on Holocaust Memorial Day.  The song was then performed by the ACM Gospel Choir at the Public and Commemorative Events for HMD 2013.

You can still be part of this project by singing this specially commissioned song on or around 27 January. In singing together, in locations around the UK, we can remember the events of history in a powerfully inclusive way.  For Holocaust Memorial Day, why not use your voice with others in your community and affirm your dedication to ending  discrimination in all forms and to building a safer, better future together.

Using our resources you can download, practice and interpret our song A Bridge of Voice and be a part of groups across the UK singing together, showing solidarity and support for bridging communities.

Your resources

Download the lyrics, backing tracks and guide to our specially commissioned song for HMD 2013 A Bridge of Voice.

These audio resources have been created as instructional recordings, intended as teaching resources for performers and not as recordings to be played at events. Words and music by Nicholas Patrick and Adeen Fogle.

1. A Bridge of Voice - Complete Version

2. A Bridge of Voice - Backing Track with Harmony Parts & Instrumental Accompaniment

3. A Bridge of Voice - Backing Track with Instrumental Accompaniment Only

A Bridge of Voice is accessible to everyone, no matter what your musical ability. We have resources for those new to music and those more advanced, accessible to individual singers, choirs and musicians. All the information you need to know can be found in the first three downloads below. Part Two of the the User Guide contains thematic and technical background.

We hope these resources have outlined how you can hold a commemorative musical activity for HMD, but if you need any further guidance at all please do contact our dedicated team by phoning 020 7785 7029 or emailing