Arbeit macht frei is a poem by Reading College student Grzegorz Chmielewski, otherwise known as Greg, who went on a Lessons From Auschwitz trip in 2012.  He wrote this poem about his experiences.

Arbeit macht frei

On the cold stone, lies another stone
In this forgotten fortress of sins still unatoned
Where many have died in groups yet still alone  
Left by their societies, they were on their own
They've never seen a morning as beautiful as when
They queued on the snow (like every now and then)
I wonder if they knew that this morning was their last?
That gas would take their future, erasing all their past?
Did they hear the God, when they drew their last breath?
Were their troubled souls, purified by death?
Did they rise above the camp, the sorrow and the pain?
Or did their life extinguish, like a fire in the rain?
I wonder how many have crossed this accursed gate?
How many have experienced such cruelty and hate?
How many had the strength to look up at the sign?
Work makes you free - "Arbeit macht frei"