As part of a Holocaust Memorial Day commemorative event a brief reading can, like a poetry recital, often help with developing an understanding of wide-ranging, complex and sometimes very emotional issues.

There are a variety of readings available which each focus on different areas which can be explored during Holocaust Memorial Day. The readings on this website look at life for various victim groups before the Holocaust; extracts from Nazi laws which targeted different racial and social groups; different aspects of life during the Holocaust and for refugees and experiences after the Holocaust. There are also readings relating to later genocides and the establishment of Holocaust Memorial Day.

Readings which have been used extensively in the past at local Holocaust Memorial Day events are the Holocaust Memorial Day Statement of Commitment and the names of those murdered during the Holocaust and later genocides.

Extracts from children’s diaries or survivor testimonies which focus on childhood can be used at events where children and young people constitute a major part of the audience. This helps a younger group to relate to victims and Survivors as individuals their own age and encourages a deeper understanding of the subject.

Readings which come from personal testimonies also help to ensure that victims are seen as humans and individuals with families rather than just one nameless person among so many millions.